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Book a general introduction to our service. Physically or online.

We describe how the library helps all employees in ministries, agencies, and departments as well as councils and boards obtain access to relevant literature and information.

The introduction contains the most important highlights of our service presented in just 15 minutes, followed by time for questions.

We offer a customised introduction to a topic of your choice. For example, it can be an introduction to our services, the databases, and online resources we offer access to, as well as how they can be used for specific tasks. Finally, we can supplement with examples of questions we have previously received from your ministerial area.

The introduction typically lasts 30 minutes.

For example, in connection with a new project or a literature search.

In addition to access to a whole range of license-based databases, the information specialist can contribute with professional library experience, database knowledge, and search technical sparring.

We offer the option of purchasing customised courses. Describe your needs and subject, and we will get back to you with information about the process and price.

General courses

If you need general e-learning in information search, database search, etcetera, then take a look at the LearningLib course portals and Coursera.

LearningLib is a common digital platform for subject research and education libraries in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Coursera offers online university-level courses in collaboration with several universities worldwide.

You can also find both free online learning and paid courses on the platforms.