Library introduction

We hold open virtual introductions once a month, but we can also come to your physical meeting.

Librarian reaches for book on bookshelf

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

Introduction to service for the central administration

Library services are far more than just books. Every day we answer the central administration's questions, procure research subject to payment, invent preparatory works, and provide sparring when a research field needs to be monitored.

Do you find it difficult to find time for a literature search, or do you lack access to research articles, course literature and news media? Perhaps you need to find legislative proceedings or decisions? Then 30 minutes in the company of your library is well spent!

Take part in our virtual introduction and hear more about how you can get specialised and professional library service.

The target group is all employees in the central administration.

Sign up

See the date of the upcoming introduction on our LinkedIn profile, where you can also register. Alternatively, you can write to us and you will receive an outlook invitation to the virtual meeting including a link to Zoom.

Customised presentation

We also offer tailored presentations or sparring about literature searches, legal information searches or searches in specific databases for the central administration. 

Contact us to make a further arrangement.

General courses

If you need general e-learning offers in, for example, information search, database search, then take a look at the course portals LearningLib and Coursera.

LearningLib is a common digital platform for subject research and education libraries in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Coursera offers online university-level courses in collaboration with several universities worldwide.

You can find both free online learning and paid courses on the platforms.