Find governmental publications

We collect governmental digital publications from the websites of ministries and agencies. The materials are contained in the library database, but here you can search specifically in the collection.

Computer screen at Royal Danish Library. The find material page is visited.

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

Search guide for governmental digital publications

You can find governmental digital publications from a selected institution or search for a specific title using words from the title. Note that you can sort the list by, for example, date or relevance, but you cannot truncate the search. That is, use * to find different endings of the search term.

You can find publications published by a given ministry or agency. Use only Danish search terms. Write, for example: Naturstyrelsen (instead of Naturstyrelse) or Social- og boligstyrelsen.

If you do not know individual words from the title of the publication, you can advantageously search in general in the entire collection via the search field at the top of the page. Here you can truncate* (that is, find several different endings of the search term) and search by subject term.

Remember to search generally in the collection of "Books and journals", and use the limitation option "show only electronic materials" if you want to access the digital version.

Searching the collection of governmental digital publications for a year will find both publications published in the given year as well as the publications that have the number in the title. You can therefore advantageously search for words from the title or the publisher, and only then sort by date.

You are also welcome to order a search from the library's information specialist. We respond within one hour during operating hours.

Contents of the collection

You can expect to find governmental digital publications from 2000 onwards in the library's collection. The collection contains digital publications, harvested from the websites of ministries, departments and agencies.

We register publications over 15 pages: Guides, annual reports, reports and so forth, but not, for example, commissions, short-term statistical summaries, or data sheets.

Write to us if you have a publication that you would like included in the collection.

Printed publications

The printed governmental publications are not included in this collection. If you want printed materials to be included in your search, you must use the search field at the top of the page.

Purpose of the collection

Every day, ministries, departments and agencies publish many publications in all subject areas. It is valuable knowledge that should form the basis for informed future decisions. Since ministries often move or delete publications from their website, we ensure permanent access to works published by the authorities.

Collection and registration of these materials is unique and contributes to the function of the library as the memory of the central administration.